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© Larissa Petuhoff's Photography.

Odessa - The City of Contrasts

Odessa. Statue of the Duc de Richelieu.


Odessa. The colonnade and one of Medici Lions.


Opera House Odessa. /2012


Odessa. Open-air mini-museum. /2012


Gun at the Promenade Square monument on the Odessa


Monument to the founders of Odessa /2012


Odessa. Где-то на Пушкинской... /2012


Opera House Odessa. /2013



Opera House Odessa. /2013


Famous trees of Odessa /2013




Women of Odessa /2013

Odessa. Sviato-Uspenskyi Cathedral /2013

Bristol Hotel, Odessa /Гостиница "КРАСНАЯ"!


Bristol Hotel, Odessa /Гостиница "КРАСНАЯ"



The Port of Odessa or Odessa Marine Trade Port /2013


Odessa, Potemkin Stairs.

The Port of Odessa.

Odessa. Дерибассовская. /2014

Odessa, Сквер Пале-Рояль Palais-Royal Garden /2014

Odessa. Привоз! Раки! Живые! /2014

Одесский дворик.
A typical Odessa courtyard.


Odessa Passage

Одесса. Чистка храма. / Odessa. Cleaning the temple.

Odessa - The City of Contrasts

Odessa. Just one moment.

Odessa. Pharmacy. /2013


Odessa, Deribasivska Street. /2016


Odessa House of Scientists (Дом Учёных )



Odessa House of Scientists /2016


Odessa... /2016


... /2016


Odessa /2016


Odessa. The colonnade and one of Medici Lions.


The port of Odessa. /2016




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